10 Video Game Bosses So Huge You Had To Take Them Down From The Inside

9. Killabilly - Lollipop Chainsaw

Lost Planet 2 Gordiant
Grasshopper Manufacture

Killabilly is one of the more unusual cases of a being eaten by a boss, to say the least. Because he is human - a huge zombie Elvis impersonator also, but presumably a former human nonetheless. Well, actually, he does also have a huge, Lickitung-style tongue and some claws, so he may also just look human.

But this still makes it twice as weird when your Dad explodes Killabilly's face - appearing to die in the process, but apparently just losing a single testis - in order to create a huge hole in the villain's face that you can use to get inside him. Which you willingly do, because inside the Elvis lookalike is the beheaded body of Swan, the man who summoned this apocalypse in the first place.

Mercifully, your boyfriend Nick is able to connect to Swan's body, having spent all of the game as a disembodied head.

Had you not delved into Killabilly's gross green insides, the world would have ended - so it's well worth heading into the gross landscape, even if you're only in a cheerleader outfit that is not going to protect you from any zombie grot.


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