10 Video Game Bosses That Forced You To Play Properly

Insanely tough boss battles that needed skill and concentration.

Ellie vs Abby Last of Us 2

Whether in the form of a plumber taking on an overgrown turtle or countless protagonists dealing with an angry helicopter that just takes a little too long to destroy, the video game boss comes in all shapes and sizes.

But what happens when the boss isn’t just another pushover with a few extra hit points, you can just jump on their head and be done, or in some cases, it is controlled by another player? Well, this is where the fun begins, right? That, or you find yourself facing off against some guy with a big stick that spams unblockables constantly, but that’s for another day and another list.

On this list, we'll be taking a look at those bosses that were cleverly implemented by developers to be the teacher’s players lessons they needed. Except when the lesson is learned here it is normally followed by whipping the sweat from one’s brow as they are no joke.

From the invulnerable to the testing, the precise to the downright clever, here is our list of bosses that don't let you take the easy way out and push some players to their limits.

And of course, spoilers throughout.


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