10 Video Game Bosses That Used Your Best Move Against You

9. Black Knight - Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

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Being a knight who uses a shovel is an incredibly unique position, as it's about as far away from the conventional depiction of these chivalrous warriors as you can get. But in Shovel Knight, it's all the rage. At least according to the protagonist and his rival.

The Black Knight is a reversed version of Shovel Knight, decked out in a sinister-looking obsidian armour set. He also sports, unsurprisingly, a Shovel Blade, the signature weapon of the eponymous playable character. As such, it shouldn't be surprising that he can perform some of the same tricks as the hero.

You encounter this boss multiple times throughout the game's campaigns, and he always comes with a big challenge for progression. The character is capable of some powerful moves, with his wings granting him a lot of movement and projectile attacks proving tough to avoid.

Still, while he's got moves of his own, he also borrows from the player, most notably with the Shovel Drop. This is Shovel Knight's signature technique that sees them jump into the air and dive with a downward thrust, propelling their shovel into enemies and the ground.

This Knight truly takes inspiration from his archnemesis.


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