10 Video Game Bosses Who Cheated To Win (And Still Lost)

These video game bosses didn't fight fairly.

Nitrous Oxide Crash Team Racing

The general idea behind video game bosses is that they are meant to pose a threat to the player. This said, sometimes the player can amass so much power and skill that pretty much nothing can stand in their way. And this is when some bosses decide to cheat.

Not every bad guy you come across likes to play fair with you. Some rely on dirty tricks and deception to get an advantage over you. And although some of them might succeed in their schemes, the world of video games is also filled with those who don’t.

There’s only one thing more pathetic than a cheater—a cheating loser. Whether it’s a boss you beat at their own rigged game, a bad manipulator who gets what’s coming to him, or a two-faced knight who’s not above hiring some thugs to prove his "chivalry," these types of bosses always get their well-deserved comeuppance.

But just in case seeing their sad attempts at tricking you fail is not enough, let’s take a closer look at the demises of some of these dirty cheats and make fun of them together.

10. Overboss Colter - Fallout 4

Nitrous Oxide Crash Team Racing

The beginning of Fallout 4's DLC, Nuka World, does a really good job of setting up its raider gangs as the absolute scum of the earth. The very first thing they do is lure you into an elaborate gauntlet filled with death traps and unfortunate victims, and when you somehow survive their sick game, they still pit you against their overboss Colter in a rigged fight you're bound to lose.

The fight is impossible to win as Colter wears a special electrified power armor that makes him impervious to any and all weapons. Well, except for a tiny squirt gun, that is.

Yes, although Colter and his gang cheat throughout the entire gauntlet, all you need is a Thirst Zapper filled with water to beat their final challenge. The moment you splash Colter, the electricity in his armor fries him alive and allows you to dish out as much damage as you want.

The only thing more satisfying than ruining Colter's game and hearing his cries of anger and frustration is knowing that you messed up his plans with a literal children's toy.

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