10 Video Game Bosses Who Didn't Even Try

Mysterio waits for you to hit him, then falls over after a single hit.

Spider-Man 2 Mysterio

It's fair to say that not all boss fights are created equal, and while they can't all be supremely challenging bangers we remember forever more, it's a pretty basic expectation that bosses, you know, put up a bit of a fight.

Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, bosses end up being shocking, baffling walk-overs, either because the boss themselves couldn't be bothered or, it seems, the devs ran out of time to deliver a more involved fight.

In some cases it's very clearly intentional and absolutely played for laughs, while in others it simply left fans wondering what the hell happened.

Given that each of these bosses seemed primed to give the player a good measure of trouble, it was either extremely amusing or totally weird - if not both - to see them felled by our hand so damn easily.

It's probably preferable to a boss that leaves us tearing our hair out in despair or rage-quitting, but then again, for the many players who love being challenged by their video games, these head-scratchingly short and simple boss fights were probably pretty damn underwhelming...

10. Fake Siegfried - Final Fantasy VI

Spider-Man 2 Mysterio
Square Enix

While onboard the Phantom Train in Final Fantasy VI, players will encounter an imposter of the famous swordsman Siegfried, who arrogantly professes to be the greatest swordsman in the world and instigates a battle in order to steal your wares.

Though it seems like Siegfried will represent a major skill-check for the player and their party, that couldn't be much further from the truth.

Despite his highfalutin claims, Siegfried isn't much of a fighter, as his opening salvo of strikes delivers only single-digit HP damage to each of your party members.

Nevertheless, he'll ask if you've had enough yet, but he's ultimately so pathetically weak - at level 7 and touting just 100 HP in total - that pretty much any single attack you return will be enough to immediately defeat him.

Later in the game, however, you learn that this individual was a fake, and when you battle the real Siegfried - who is level 53 and rocks a comparatively eye-watering 32,760 HP - he offers up far more of a challenge.

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