10 Video Game Bosses Who Didn't Even Try

9. Baroness Dumas - No One Lives Forever

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One of the primary villains in No One Lives Forever is Baroness Felicity Dumas, and near the end of the game players finally get to take her on in what will seemingly be an epic spy shootout for the ages.

Or, as turns out to be the case, not really.

Though the Baroness at least opens fire on the player, she bafflingly stands still in the same spot without moving at all, leaving her totally helpless as you pop all of three bullets into her to obliterate her life bar.

Now to be fair, Dumas' real plan comes next, where she reveals that she's infected herself with an explosive biological weapon in an attempt to kill both herself and protagonist Cate Archer.

But even then, she simply stands around in the exact same spot for a further 90 seconds while you evacuate the surrounding area and take care of her goons, before she perishes in a giant explosion.

Baroness Dumas? More like Baroness Dumbass, am I right?

To rub salt in the wound, Cate even calls her a "poor, pathetic creature" moments later.

Granted, No One Lives Forever is a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek homage to classic spy films, but even Austin Powers made its villains try harder than this.

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