10 Video Game Bosses Who Need To Hide Their Weaknesses Better

Video game bosses with weak points that were basically neon-signposted.

Team Ico

Video game bosses come in all shapes and sizes, but the overwhelming majority have one common characteristic: a weakness for the player to exploit.

While there are certainly those rare unbeatable bosses, any boss which a game actually expects you to defeat will typically have a clearly defined weak point to be attacked.

In earlier eras, the weak spot was often nothing more than a glowing orb for players to hit, though in recent years developers have generally tended to get a little more subtle and creative with the "tells" of major bosses.

But that isn't always the case - sometimes games only stop short of planting a neon signpost by the weakness begging to be attacked.

These 10 bosses, whether good or bad encounters, made the player's goal shockingly obvious through a howlingly on-the-nose visual cue.

In reality, it wouldn't make sense for any monstrous enemy to announce their own vulnerability quite so enthusiastically as these bosses did, but on the flip-side it gave players a leg-up in a boss fight they might've otherwise struggled with...


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