10 Video Game Bosses Who Need To Hide Their Weaknesses Better

9. High Lord Wolnir - Dark Souls III

Shadow of the Colossus

High Lord Wolnir is generally accepted to be one of the easiest bosses in the entire Dark Souls franchise. Despite his imposing size and creepy skeletal design, he's practically trivial once you learn to evade his Dark Cloud attack.

The reason for this? Wolnir's "tell" is as close to a literal neon signpost as you're ever likely to get in a Dark Souls game.

The boss' glowing bracelets draw attention to themselves in the dark environment for one very pointed reason: they're the key to victory.

Basically, just hack away at his bracelets until they break, as each broken bracelet will strip away a massive chunk of his health.

If you can avoid his various slam and swipe attacks and fend off his occasional skeletal summons, Wolnir can be beaten within a matter of minutes.


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