10 Video Game Bosses You Can Beat By Doing NOTHING

Sit back, relax, let these bosses beat themselves.

Fable 2

Generally speaking, video game bosses are intended to act as something of a skill-check for players - to ensure that they're suitably equipped for what's coming up next, and of course to lend some exciting, high-wire flair to the more conventional gameplay.

And while boss fights are often operatic, intense affairs which require players to pull out all the stops by using every weapon in their arsenal, others go the other way entirely and can be completed by just doing sweet FA.

In some cases these games clearly never intended for you to throw down with these bosses at all, while in others the developers included - whether intentionally or not - an alternate solution for pacifist players to avoid a proper fight.

While in some cases you'd be denying yourself a great, even legendary boss battle by circumventing them, for those keen to cut every possible corner and take the path of least effort, these fights absolutely have you covered.

You might need to be patient, and you might end up feeling like a rather inadequate "hero" as a result, but even with your inaction, you made it past these bosses all the same...

10. The Dragonrider - Dark Souls II

Fable 2

Dark Souls II may be many folks' least-favourite SoulsBorne game, but it does offer up one of the series' most hilarious solutions for dispatching a fierce boss.

Rather than battle the Dragonrider the good ol' fashioned, inevitably frustrating way, there's a cheese strategy for rinsing him in mere seconds while expending about a calorie of effort.

First off, make sure you don't activate any switches which make the arena larger, because keeping things confined and maintaining access to the water below are absolutely vital.

At the start of the fight, simply stand still while the Dragonrider takes six steps. 

Immediately after this, run to his right - this will trigger him executing his thrust attack, which will cause him to plunge into the drink below, instantly killing him in gut-busting fashion.

The effort-to-payoff ratio here is staggering considering the franchise we're dealing with, even if learning to beat bosses the hard way is probably the smart approach if you actually want to finish the game.

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