10 Video Game Bosses You Can Beat By Doing NOTHING

9. Ollie Bulb - Cuphead

Fable 2
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Cuphead's intense boss fights typically require players to do anything but nothing - though there is one sly exception.

In the middle of the game's opening fight with The Root Pack - a group of root vegetables you need to take down - you'll battle Ollie Bulb, a rosy-cheeked onion. 

While instinct will tell you to immediately start wailing away on the sentient veggie until he's defeated, you don't actually need to.

Ollie doesn't actually mean any harm and will only attack the player if they attack first. 

And so, if you just stand still for about 10 seconds, he'll realise you don't intend to hurt him, flash a smile at you, and then burrow his way back into the ground. Simples.

Granted, sparing Ollie does come with a price - he'll be replaced with another boss, Horace Radiche.

Fun fact: this alternate strategy for beating Ollie was patched into the game two years after release for the Nintendo Switch port, with Horace being a concept character who was cut from the original version of Cuphead.

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