10 Video Game Bosses You Can Trick Into Killing Themselves

All of the satisfaction, less of the effort.


After slogging through a particularly annoying stage or working hard to reach the final moments of a game, there's always that moment when you realise that your struggle is not yet over, because, a lot of the time, you'll still have a boss battle left to face.

It's almost like you're being rewarded for your persistence and effort with an additional barrier - imagine if someone punched you in the face every time you completed a marathon. Boss fights can be fun, sure, but because they're the biggest and baddest enemies in the whole game, these sequences can be among the most difficult to overcome, and potentially, the most frustrating.

Which is why it's always nice to discover that, in some cases, you can actually get these bosses to kill themselves.

Whether it's one of the intended ways for you to complete the battle, an amusing alternate outcome, or a neat little exploit that will save you a lot of time and energy, some bosses just seem to have it in for themselves, which is fantastic for us, but not so great for them.

10. Taurus Demon (Dark Souls)

There are a handful of ways to cheese the Taurus Demon, an early boss in 2011's Dark Souls. You can climb the tower located to the side of the area and do a jump attack on his head to inflict some serious damage; or, you can attempt to make him plummet to his death off the side of a nearby wall. Simple.

The Taurus fight takes place in a very tight area, and since he likes to pull off these devastating swinging attacks with his melee weapon, you'll have to be quite nimble if you want to avoid taking damage. Another animation he'll sometimes do is a backwards jump - usually right after taking a swing at you - and if you line him up correctly, this jump will actually send him flying off the edge of the area to his death.

A little bit of luck is needed here because there isn't a way to assure that you'll get the animation you need, but if you have the patience to try this, you'll get to bear witness to a pretty hilarious accidental-suicide move for your troubles.

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