10 Video Game Bosses You Didn't Realize Can Be Killed Instantly

It's just not their day...

Resident Evil 4 strategy

By the very definition of the word, video game bosses are meant to pose a challenge and dominate over other enemies you encounter. Usually, a fight with one takes a considerable amount of skill and a few long tries to defeat them; however, some bosses are simply not up to the task.

Sometimes, either intentionally or by sheer oversight, a boss can be killed instantly. The epic build-up, imposing stature, and all the other parts that make them so scary are thrown out the window the moment you attack. It doesn’t matter how huge their health bar is or how much damage they deal; you are capable of ending the fight before they even have a chance to do anything.

Though some of the following bosses require a little bit of preparation or insider knowledge to kill instantly, the payoff is certainly worth it. After you learn how to quickly dispose of them, you’ll never have to deal with their long and boring fights again.

10. Yellow Devil - Mega Man

Resident Evil 4 strategy

The pause glitch in the original Mega Man is one of the earliest examples of a speedrunning exploit and a good way to spare yourself an early stroke trying to fight the final boss of the game.

Called the Yellow Devil, the final boss is easily the hardest enemy you have to defeat. His attacks have a ridiculously long reach, and his ability to split into tiny pieces and move around the arena can be pretty annoying to dodge.

Luckily, the game includes a neat little trick that allows you to take down his health bar in a matter of seconds, before he even has a chance to move.

If you're fast enough to shoot a supercharged blast at the Yellow Devil right as you enter the stage, you can rapidly pause and unpause the game to cause the projectile to stay in one place, causing perpetual damage. Just a couple of seconds of this will completely deplete the devil's health and let you win the game.

Some people call it cheating. Sane people call it an efficient and fun way to save your controller from getting snapped in half.


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