10 Video Game Bosses You Had ONE CHANCE To Fight

You get only one shot.

Lichdragon Fortissax - Elden Ring

In the early days of gaming, people were extra careful while navigating through a platformer, shooter, or beat 'em up, since they had a finite amount of lives. And because bosses are an absolute pain, a lot of lives are lost while facing them.

Fortunately, this isn't a major issue nowadays, since modern games usually offer unlimited lives or save states. So, no matter how many times the boss triumphs, there's the option to try again.

But what if you didn't get a second chance? Worse still, what if you didn't get a first chance? Certain foes will only appear if specific parameters have been fulfilled. If any of these conditions remains incomplete, the adversary was off-limits.

But once all the hurdles have been passed, our hero has free-rein to fight the boss, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, there is only one chance to take the enemy down. Do you know what that means? Losing results in an instant Game Over, sending your character back to the very beginning.

Even though bosses are meant to be challenging, this bunch were beyond unfair, since players only had a single opportunity to defeat them.

10. Jade - Mortal Kombat II

Lichdragon Fortissax - Elden Ring

Jade first served as a playable kombatant in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. However, the Edenian warrior debuted as a secret opponent in Mortal Kombat II.

While playing the main campaign, the player must defeat the fighter before Shang Tsung with Low Kicks to encounter Jade. If the player presses any other button during the bout (including block,) they lost their chance to fight the emerald-robed assassin.

Despite the fact the player only needs to beat Jade in one round, winning is no easy task, since she moves at double-speed. On top of that, Jade performs input reading, meaning she reads her rival's attacks while they're executed, allowing her to counter any move with ease. Spamming projectiles and sweeping are effective against other enemies, but using tactics like these against this masked minx is a guaranteed death sentence.

If the player loses (which is extremely likely,) fighting Jade will no longer be an option, since they move onto the next challenger, without being offered a rematch. Defeating Jade bares no reward, but it's still a highly coveted title, since she's provides such a merciless challenge.

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