10 Video Game Buttons You Shouldn't Have Pressed (But Totally Did)

What, are you NOT going to push the big red button??

wasteland 2 button
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Now I don't know about you, but I simply cannot resist the allure of pushing buttons, both in a physical sense or when I annoy people with my pronunciation of Die-nasty Warriors.

There's a real tactile satisfaction that comes from flicking a switch or clicking a button too. A tiny interaction that might bathe a room in light, open an electronic door - or as in the case of the video games on this list, completely doom everything you and your party has worked for.

I know it's tempting, especially if the button is all shiny and red with a little sign saying "Do Not Push", but sometimes it's worth leaving things alone for how much trouble they can cause the player.

That said, thanks in part to the way that video games are made and actively taken in, we've effectively been conditioned to think that everything that can be pushed, pulled, blown up or prodded will reward us in some form or another. After all, why would the button exist? Why would someone put it in the game in the first place if it didn't do something?!

Let's find out.

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