10 Video Game Cash-Grabs We Can't Believe They Tried

Bleeding you dry.

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Like any business, every gaming exec's top-priority is to make money. It doesn't matter if an IP is the best thing since sliced bread. If it doesn't make a profit, the company may struggle to stay afloat.

Now, gamers don't mind emptying their wallet if they get bang for their buck. If an open world title keeps you enthralled for 100+ hours, you should be fine with paying full-price. When a DLC gives you as much content as the main campaign, you'll have no qualms with splashing more cash.

However, certain games aren't coy with their intent to rob you blind. Sometimes, they don't just hide the best goodies behind a paywall - they hide half the content. When you can't play a game for more than five seconds without it begging you to make a micro-transaction, it drives you up the wall.

Other times, a gaming company slaps an iconic character on their crappy platformer or shooter, believing that's all it takes to incentivise customers to spend some dough.

Look, we understand the developers and publishers need to keep the lights on. But when you bare witness to the tactics they used to sell these products, it screams "cash-grab."

10. Prince Of Persia: Epilogue

street fighter duel

To the disappointment of many, 2008's Prince of Persia wasn't as awe-inspiring as we hoped. But this reboot did get a lot of people talking, since it ended with a massive cliffhanger. As the unnamed prince does battle with Ahriman, Elika gives up her life to seal away the devilish deity. Ever the hero, the Prince uses the Tree of Life's power to resurrect her. But by undoing Elika sacrifice, Ahriman returns, blanketing the area in darkness, including our heroic duo.

Because of this abrupt ending, gamers weren't sure what to make of it. Was Elika's sacrifice in vain? Did Ahriman take over the world? Are our heroes alive?

Well, the good news is all these questions were answered (kind of) in the expansion pack, Epilogue. The bad news is Ubisoft expected gamers to pay for it. Just to reiterate - Gamers, who had already bought Prince of Persia, had to pay more to see the ending.

Although the DLC came equipped with new areas, combat manoeuvres, and enemies, it wasn't worth it, since it's done and dusted after a measly 90 minutes.

At least you get that ending, right?

Not really. When the credits roll, Ahriman is still alive, and preparing to exact his revenge on the Prince. So, if you purchased Epilogue, you paid extra money to see pretty much the same non-ending.


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