10 Video Game Cash-Grabs We Can't Believe They Tried

9. Super Mario Run

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After maintaining an iron grip on the handheld market for decades, Nintendo seemed to be the last company to release products on mobile devices, which is their central competitor.

To the surprise of everyone, Ninty joined forces with Apple in 2016 to create their first mobile title, Super Mario Run. Thanks to the addictive gameplay, variety of challenges, and Nintendo's charm, Run stood out compared to the deluge of auto-runners littering the App Store.

Most importantly, Super Mario Run was completely free... for the first three levels. If you want to play the side-scroller fully, you'll need to get your credit card details ready. If you're not willing to pay, you'll have to settle with a demo.

But it gets worse. Rather than spending 99p, you're expected to pay ten pounds.

But why? Nintendo is worth nearly $100 billion. They're not strapped for cash.

Also, you'd assume the gaming giant would lower the price after all these years, especially after seeing the success of their follow-up, Mario Kart Tour, which is actually free!

But no. After six years, Run's retail price still stands. Although the game has been successful, it feels like Nintendo shot themselves in the foot. Considering many casual gamers dismissed Super Mario Run the instant they saw how much it cost, the company would've made far more purchases if it cost far less.


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