10 Video Game Character Builds You Must NEVER Choose

Built to make you miserable.

Dark Souls

Character creation can be a great tool for immersion building, as it allows the player to connect with their character and put themselves in their shoes almost instantly. Additionally, if the creator's choices are diverse enough, the ability to make multiple characters, all with different looks, traits, and stories, can add a lot to the game's replayability.

However, with a great variety of choices comes the danger of allowing the player to make some decisions they might regret, especially if they start the game for the first time. Some complicated mechanics might go over their heads, as they know next to nothing about the game, and as soon as they embark on their brand new adventure, it turns out that one decision will impact their experience in ways they couldn't even imagine.

Some choices might make the game unexpectedly harder. Some might take away a ton of features and choices that make the game more fun. There are even options that will cost you an early game over! If you've never played the following games, watch out for these options when starting your adventure. And if you have played them before, hopefully your first run wasn't ruined by these.

10. Fallout - Low Intelligence

Dark Souls

The attributes in the original isometric Fallout games impacted the gameplay quite significantly. Depending on your strength, charisma, endurance, and so on, the situations you were faced with could have had a completely different outcome. High intelligence and charisma would provide you with more dialogue options, while strength and endurance would keep you alive in situations others could not survive.

However, it's not just the high stats that impact the game. If your character is especially terrible at something, the game will take this into consideration as well. There are many ways in which low stats can make your game harder, but the worst impact in terms of gameplay has to go to low intelligence.

If your character's intelligence is below 4, they will turn into a mumbling fool that won't be able to articulate a single coherent word in any conversation they have. As you can imagine, in a game as heavily dependent on dialogue as Fallout 1 or 2, this is a pretty big deal. Half of the game's content is locked behind a series of "uhhs" and "oohs," which can be hilarious at times, but most of the time, it simply deprives you of experiencing the storyline fully.

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