10 Video Game Characters EVERYONE Let Die

No shame in sending these guys to the grave.

Zoe Baker Resident Evil

In the world of video games, dying is part and parcel of the experience; a punishment to give a game a respectable challenge. As well as being a means of encouraging a learning curve for a certain section, deaths are usually followed by a quick 'Game Over' screen before players are whisked back into the action at their last checkpoint.

But, what happens when the deaths are chalked as permanent and are reserved for other characters?

Occasionally, games will throw up missions or sequences that will result in a character - or characters - meeting their maker. But, unlike pre-determined deaths players are helpless against, certain titles come with choices and destinies that can be intervened on.

Whether through painstaking challenges or rewards not being worth the effort, or a character straight up being too annoying to keep alive, here are some individuals every player prefers to let die.

10. Brother Verulus - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Zoe Baker Resident Evil

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Brother Verulus is a Priest of Arkay attending the Hall of the Dead in Markath. He's an Imperial NPC living out in one of the least important parts of the world, with most players only encountering him when they come to investigate Daedric "Taste of Death" quest.

Unless they are running an outlandishly saintly build or have a particular disdain for seeing where a game is willing to go, players will likely side with this clan of cannibals out in the Reach, eventually luring the priest to their hideout in Reachcliff Cave.

The final task of the quest is to kill and feast upon the Arkay priest who has been nothing but trusting of them up until that point. It is the only way of securing the Ring of Namira, and completing the Oblivion Walker trophy. What's more, taking the priest up to Reachcliff Cave, only to have a change of heart and turn on the cannibals, will force you to kill a number of Markath NPCs who were attempting said 'feast' in the first place.

There's also something in how players are forced to knowingly deceive Verulus along the way that makes the priest's death even more sinister.


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