10 Video Game Characters Fans LOVE (That You Never See)

The unseen heroes of our favorite titles!

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Every gaming fan has a set of favorite characters from the titles they’ve played. This fact shouldn’t surprise anyone, but what might come off as strange is that some of those beloved characters never even make an appearance in the game.

Yes, some video game characters don’t even have to show up to make people fall in love with them. They only appear through mentions and past evidence of their existence, and yet their sheer presence in those second-hand bits of information is strong enough to capture people's imaginations. In some cases, their faceless self can even, ironically, become the face of the title they’re not in!

Though it certainly seems odd, the fanbase built around those characters makes perfect sense, as they have a sense of mystery and allure that the regular cast of their game doesn’t. Not to mention, the loveable traces of their existence make you wish you could meet them one day.

From lost characters to myths and dead icons, the following characters are so full of charm and intrigue that they don’t even have to show up on your screen to capture your interest.

10. Pickle Pee - Dark Souls 3

PAULING team fortress 2

Dark Souls games aren’t just about boss fights and endless hordes of enemies leading to boss fights. A part of the series’ charm lies in its eccentric cast of characters too, like the sun-praising Solaire and the onion-shaped Siegmeyer from Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls 3 also features plenty of memorable characters. They are so memorable, in fact, that you don’t even need to see one of them to immediately fall in love.

On top of the roof of the Firelink Shrine, there is an empty nest where you can encounter an invisible crow named Pickle Pee that can trade you rare and valuable items for random things you pick up throughout the playthrough.

The crow has an absolutely adorable-sounding voice and is always excited to interact with you, making it really difficult not to grow fond of her, especially amidst the misery and despair of Dark Souls. Again, you never see her physically, but this hasn’t stopped Pickle Pee’s adoring fans from filling in those visual gaps themselves and drawing plenty of artwork throughout the years.

Apparently, all it takes to be popular is a pleasant enough voice and a good attitude. Just like working on the radio!


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