10 Video Game Characters Who Would Make A Great Superhero Team

The Avengers are good. The Justice League is great. But we can do better.


To say we are living in the golden age of superheroes would be a monumental understatement.

No longer is the genre seen as the vice of geeks huddled together in basements, but now, thanks to The Dark Knight trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic universe that followed, it has become a culturally defining phenomenon, a mythos that is to the modern world what the Iliad was to the ancient Greeks.

But why should comic-book superheroes hog all of the limelight? Video gaming might not enjoy the same esteem as film, but it has produced some of the most memorable characters and worlds ever to grip the imagination.

And many of those characters possess earth-shattering power, enough to challenge – and defeat – the best that the genre has to offer.

Folks, it’s time to put a team together.

Before we begin some rules must be established. Only one character per franchise is allowed, all abilities will be assumed to work as per in-universe rules, and the team will be split into five super-powered/enhanced individuals and five non-enhanced. Lastly, an emphasis will be placed on those who can function well in a team.

So, forget The Avengers, The Justice League, or the Guardians of the Galaxy. These are the heroes you really want protecting the universe.

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