10 Video Game Characters You'll Never See Again

Forgotten And Sent To The Bin. This Lot Won't Be Back.

Solid Snake Old

Not everything lasts forever, especially when it comes to the video game industry. Sure Microtransactions will probably outlive us all, but that is an exemption to the rule. When it comes to characters and mascots for games, well these can outright disappear no matter how popular they are, or live on through soulless cameo appearances in other franchises.

Take poor Sam Fisher, who hasn’t had his own dedicated outing since Splinter Cell Blacklist in 2013. We saw nothing from this super-secret spy for so long, then Ubisoft finally gave our wish, but in a twisted monkey’s paw scenario. We get poor Sam in anything and everything now, bar an actual Splinter Cell title.

Other characters escape this fate, ultimately vanishing from time and space with their code being deleted or saved for the one-off remaster. So with that being said, let’s take a look at this bunch of outcasts that we’ll never see again.

And just as a note, this won't be dedicated to characters that were killed off. Because that would be too easy.

(Minor spoilers for some of these games throughout)


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