10 Video Game Chase Sequences That Made You Rage Quit

The exact moment Assassin's Creed 3 fell apart.

Assassins creed 3 chase sequence charles lee

Alongside fetch quests, stealth sections, and escort missions, chase sequences are another common type of level that has appeared in countless video games. Whether these chases are eye-widening set pieces in action games or white-knuckled pursuits in survival horror outings, video game chases can be adrenaline-pumping moments when they’re done right.

However, not every pursuit that’s been included in a video game has been able to match the edge-of-your seat tension of running from the unstoppable enemies in Outlast or achieve the exhilarating spectacle of the Uncharted series.

For every example of an excellent chase sequences out there, there are unfortunately others that fall flat on their face for an assortment of reasons.

Whether it’s due to terrible controls or gameplay mechanics, bad level design, or unfair difficulty spikes, there are some video game chases in existence that are so poorly conceived that they’ll make players want to reach for their console's power button in frustration after failing them for the dozenth time.

It doesn’t matter if players are the ones being chased or are doing the chasing in these levels, an awful chase has the potential to ruin an otherwise outstanding game.

10. Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) - The Excavator

Assassins creed 3 chase sequence charles lee

Despite having the slickest combat in the series and giving players a large and detailed Gotham City to explore, Arkham Knight disappointingly fell short of being the bombastic conclusion to the trilogy that fans were hoping for. Alongside a predicable plot, this game was also let down by the overuse of the Batmobile.

As unenjoyable as the Batmobile’s combat and puzzle sections were, a more frustrating moment came when Batman entered a tunnel system in search of the eponymous villain.

After the Arkham Knight ambushes the caped crusader in a heavily armoured excavator, players must speed through the network of passageways and defeat their pursuer by luring them into planted explosives.

Driving along the tunnel’s walls at high speed may make for an impressive looking set piece, however the Batmobile’s squirrely controls quickly turn this section into a tedious frustration.

It becomes all-too easy to lose control of the vehicle after crashing into the many obstacles that litter the tunnels. Navigation likewise isn’t made any easier with the constant explosions making it difficult to see what’s ahead.

When one minor slip-up can result in instant failure, this boss fight is another reason as to why the Batmobile was such an unpopular addition to this game.


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