10 Video Game Chase Sequences That Made You Rage Quit

9. The Warriors (2005) - Writer's Block

Assassins creed 3 chase sequence charles lee

Set before the events of the cult classic film of the same name, Rockstar’s The Warriors showed how the titular Coney Island street gang made their enemies while they made their mark on the city. With its gritty atmosphere and exquisite brawling mechanics, there are few games as good as this one.

But even a game as spectacular as this has the occasional misstep. In The Warriors, this came during the mission Writer's Block where players must make their grand escape across the city’s rooftops after being ambushed by a gang of art-obsessed mimes known as The Hi-Hats.

As exciting as this sequence sounds, any enjoyment was quickly extinguished from this mission by a plethora of unexpected drops that resulted in an instant death. And with no checkpoints to speak of, getting through this chase became a matter of memorising exactly when to jump to make it to the end.

This mission was made even worse when playing in co-op as one player’s death would result in a game over for both players.

Make it through this thankfully short-lived low point, though, and players get a chance to vent their built-up frustrations by destroying the mimes’ collection of garish artworks.


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