10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed Your Life

9. Spawning Vehicles In GTA To Finish Missions

gta 3 tank

Would we all have put up with GTA's primitive early design if not for the cheat codes?

Answers down in the comments, but I'm gonna say a huge part of enjoying how dynamic "sandboxy" the original 2D and 3D titles were, came from indulging in cheat codes.

Things like the BSTARD all-unlock cheat for the original, electro guns and flamethrowers in GTA 2 - it reached a peak in GTA 3, where if you were struggling with a mission or wanted to take out a target in style, just spawn a few tanks.

Even better, punch in the flying cars cheat and take to the skies, firing backwards to gain speed as you soared from Portland to Shoreside Vale.

Instant health refills, playing as any NPC, destroying all cars - the game always seemed to encourage experimentation as much as possible, and cheats were just an extension of that.

Thankfully, Rockstar are one of the only modern-day developers still including cheat codes and modes in their games. Both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have them, with the latter letting you bypass entire progression systems, unlocking all camp upgrades, weapons and side missions.


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