10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed Your Life

10. Putting The Blood Back Into Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 1

The 90s were a wild ride for video games as far as censorship was concerned.

Various developers and creatives literally just challenged themselves to push the boundaries of acceptance as much as possible, and to be honest... it was pretty great.

Mortal Kombat and DOOM were two notable parent-scaring franchises that came out of this period, but with everyone still thinking "games were for kids", MK's reputation as this "child poisoning satanic game" led to various publishers censoring the title's blood on consoles.

Only... NetherRealm - then called Midway - weren't having any of it, and actually teased players in Sega versions of the game that there was a code hidden somewhere, that would assumedly do something cool.

mortal kombat code

The solution? Tapping "A, B, A, C, A, B, B" on the Genesis/Mega Drive version, which made on-screen text turn red, as "Now Entering Kombat" came up, and all the game's fatalities and blood effects could be seen in their original arcadey glory.

There is no doubt that stunts like this helped cement the formation of the ESRB ratings board in 1994, forever managing the content of video games to this day.

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