10 Video Game Cheats NOBODY Used

Some cheat codes never prosper.

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It's been said by countless teachers that students will put more effort into cheating than actually taking the honest route.

The same could be said about gamers from the 80s to the late 2000s. Ever since the Konami code, millions of magazines and books were bought just so that gamers could get a hold of those sweet codes to take their game to the next level. Literally.

Originally used as a developer tool to ensure that play-testers could get through the game, developers later got creative and started leaving entertaining options for people to find.

Midway's infamous Big Head mode in its sports titles, the Mortal Kombat blood-code, which managed to get around the censors, or a whole second quest in the Legend of Zelda games, which rewarded players for thinking Link was called Zelda.

Some codes though, didn't quite make the cut. Whether these complex inputs resulted in an instant death, or a world of hostile NPCs, something about what came from these codes kept them OUT of the collective minds of gamers.

For clarity, selections have to be in the game, with no cheat devices, otherwise this list would be harder to read than Infinite Jest.

10. The Konami Code - Gradius III

GTA San andreas cj
Hamster Corporation

Many would think it would be unthinkable that the fabled Konami Code, which made beating Contra a posibility, would end up on this list, but in this case, Konami threw everyone a curveball.

The code had gained notoriety across many circles. It's appeared in countless videos, games that Konami didn't even make, and has even been used as an easter egg on a few websites. WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods has a gaming show whose title is an homage to the most famoust code of all time.

In the Gradius series up to that point, the code would provide the player with power ups in the first game, or the ubiquitous 30 lives.

However, once the series got super on the SNES, Konami hit gamers with a change-up. The usual input resulting in the ship going full kamikaze and blowing up on the spot. Hell, that term dignifies it, since the ship doesn't even take anything down else down.

If only gamers knew to substitute the left and right inputs with the SNES' new L and R buttons.

Instead, this code would be the one that'd have gamers second guessing the Konami code for generations.


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