10 Video Game Cheats NOBODY Used

9. Nude Code - Silent Hill 3

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Ever since Samus busted out her bikini for skilled Metroid players on the original NES, gaming has had quite a problem with perverts.

Full frontal nudity was something many developers would tease, rather than actually provide, whether it be the "Justin-Bailey" code giving Samus a skimpier outfit, or the Dead Or Alive series making a show of its many different outfits.

One would think that Konami was above such objectification, especially seeing as Silent Hill 3's Heather was only 17, but with Silent Hill 3 featuring a female protagonist, and a series of outfits as rewards already, rumors swirled that unlocking the ever-elusive nude option existed after all.

Turns out there was a nude code, but it didn't unlock what some people might have been expecting.

After putting in the Playstation's version of the Konami code, gamers were greeted by a suggestive moan from Heather, but after starting to play, it was actually Douglas, the middle-aged detective proudly sporting nothing but his underwear, a tie and trenchcoat.

Not quite what the pervs wanted.


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