10 Video Game Classics That Desperately Deserve Remakes

Forget the Uncharted Collection and Gears of War... these would be welcome with open arms.

Remake, remaster, re-release: the games industry is so quick to throw around similar-sounding buzzwords without care that gamers have started to lose track of which ones mean what. It certainly doesn't help when developers mislabel their games as total remakes or remasters only for us to discover that the end product barely even fits the definition. Annoyingly, such descriptors are all-too-often used purely to generate sales or renewed interest in a game who's original release date has long-since faded into distant memory. The terms aren't mutually exclusive either. Take Ocarina Of Time for example - the critically-acclaimed Nintendo title was originally released for the Nintendo 64, but has since been squeezed onto the Nintendo 3DS as a re-release with remastered textures. But can one count it as a true remake? Hell no. All of the games present here are worthy of more than just a quick spit and polish and a punt out the door - they deserve better than that. A good idea is always good, and a video game classic will always be just that. Everything gets old though, and these games deserve to be rebuilt for a whole new generation to enjoy.
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