10 Video Game Developers That Sony Should Buy

Sony are killing it NOW, but what about the future?


Sony Vs. Microsoft Vs. Nintendo.

It's a war that's been waged across keyboards and left countless Gamertags in its wake. Whether arguing over which console is the most powerful, which has the best operating system, who is the most consumer friendly or if Trophies are superior to Achievements, each viewpoint has merit.

One area where PlayStation is the inarguable King of the industry however, is in exclusives. From God of War to Infamous, Uncharted to Spider-Man, Resistance to Until Dawn, PlayStation consoles have seen no shortage of must-play games.

While Sony has been on a terrific roll since the PS3 in regards to exclusive titles, the company hasn't actually bought a studio since Sucker Punch in 2011. It has, however, closed a variety of talented ones, from Guerrilla Cambridge to Sony Liverpool, compartmentalising its portfolio in confusing ways.

With Microsoft tossing cash at talented independent developers left and right, I think it's high time Sony returned fire by signing-up some of the industry's very best and brightest to conjure up titles for the PS5 and beyond.

There are some holes in the PlayStation portfolio, and these are the best studios to patch them, ensuring another generation of excellence.

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Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.