10 Video Game Developers That Sony Should Buy

8. 4A Games

4A Games

A decade ago, Sony had Resistance, Killzone, and SOCOM; three exclusive first-person shooter series. Fast forward to today, and Sony doesn't have any of those series in active development - that we know of.

Well there's a great developer of first-person shooter games out there, that isn't currently owned by anyone: 4A Games. As you probably know, 4A Games is the Ukrainian developer behind the Metro series. The FPS games are based on novels of the same name, and take place within the Russian underground metro. While the first two games were successful, it was the third game released earlier this year that really put the series, and the studio, on the map.

4A Games makes some of the most unique FPS games on the market, from the Russian setting to the additive gameplay elements like gas masks and filters. Should Sony want to jump back into the genre, then it could do a lot worst than developing a new IP with 4A Games.

With the Metro series going from strength to strength, the Ukrainian developer is slowly becoming on of the best independent studios around. Sony isn't doing much in the FPS genre these days, so why not sign this talented team up and let them work their magic?

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