10 Video Game Difficulty Modes For The Criminally Insane

Either you hit the last level, or you hit the padded cell - possibly both.

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Studio MDHR

Video games are usually used for escapism, a means of getting away from the mundanity of real life, work and everything besides.

But not these games: these games are hard as hard men being hard who are hard if you catch my drift. And they’re coming to do you.

With this horrible image in mind, these are ten video games that only those frequenting the most extreme masochism websites would dare try. And come away from whimpering.

10. Typing of The Dead Overkill - Hardcore Mode

Typing of the Dead

From reading this, you might imagine writing isn't my strong suit, and that I'd want to avoid The Typing of The Dead: Overkill Hardcore mode like the plague.

In this absolutely mental variant of the game, in which you have to type words and phrases correctly in order to damage creatures, the hardcore mode insists on not only providing you with some truly finger aching words, but also tasks you with putting them in 100 percent correctly first time, at speed, because these big bad lads will take a chunk out of you with a passion.

It’s something that only the dexterous of finger and anal of spelling should attempt, and hats off to you if you’ve managed to beat this weird and bloody hard mode.

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