10 Video Game Difficulty Modes For The Criminally Insane

9. Valkyria Chronicles - EX Hard Mode

Valkyria Chronicles Hard Ex

Oh Valkyria Chronicles, I just love how utterly mad you are - depicting what can only be described as what would happen if a high school anime crossed over with World War 2 and a heavy dose of magic. It’s utterly one of a kind and incredibly enjoyable to play.

However, the EX Hard mode is about as fun as trying to use your scrotum as a tent peg, drastically altering the way you play.

Not only can you no longer use your super tank, the Edelweiss, which generally saves your ass time and time again, but now every single enemy will headshot you….even enemy tanks!

As you can imagine, this turns even the most basic map into an absolute slaughter and you need to be the best general alive just to survive the first enemy turn. Plus, it’s not like you can bolster your troops with orders either because these are disabled. So it’s like having your arms and legs cut off and then telling you you’re heading up the light brigade. Fun times right?

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