10 Video Game Difficulty Modes For The Criminally Insane

8. XCOM 2: Legendary Ironman Mode

 Ironman Mode Xcom 2 1024x576
Firaxis Games

I do love me a bit of small unit strategy, and the XCOM franchise is one of my favourite series of all time, but that’s not to say we always see eye to ugly alien eye.

Case and point ,the legendary Ironman modes that exist in the original reboot and its sequel are foot in the ass painful, with enemy AI “unshackled”, meaning it can be even more of a dick, resources as pitiful as what I have to work with in the bedroom, and no option to scum save as the game autosaves after every turn.

Things get even harder in XCOM 2 than the original thanks to the time constraints on each map, so yeah, have fun battling against the clock and aliens who are absolute cocks.

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