10 Video Game DLCs That Burned Their Fanbase

Parted with hard-earned money for a game? According to publishers, that's simply not enough.


DLC used to stand for Downloadable Content. It now stands for Dastardly Laundering Conspiracy. Granted, gamers are still afforded such wonders as The Witcher 3's epic Blood And Wine expansion and Far Cry 3's hilarious '80s action parody Blood Dragon, but over the years, DLC has begun to evolve into something roundly more sinister.

No longer content with adding exciting new scenarios to their games, publishers love nothing more than to wrest finished titles from their developers, slamming them onto a chopping board and messily hacking away, shipping unfinished products and offering players the rest of the game for an extra tenner out of the goodness of their hearts.

Beyond this, gamers can now pay for the privilege of timesavers, allowing them to bypass levelling systems without putting the time and effort in, or immediately execute finishers without pesky things such as skill getting in the way. An insult to fans who have invested time and money into their favourite franchises, there is no depth these companies won't sink to in order to exploit their player bases even more.

It's enough to make one pine for the days of pre-internet gaming, where a finished game was standard operating procedure rather than a valuable commodity. Let's have ourselves a look at ten of the worst DLC offences that have been inflicted upon loyal fanbases. Upgrade to a WhatCulture Premium account to see the rest of the list! (We're kidding.)

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