10 Video Game Easter Eggs STILL Undiscovered

Developers are still waiting for players to find and solve these Easter eggs.

Cyberpunk 2077 easter egg secret
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As an interactive medium, video games are truly like no other art form, with developers able to reward active players who dig deep and attempt to experience every last thing included in the game.

Easter eggs are an absolute joy in gaming, allowing devs to tip the hat to curious and inquisitive players who venture off the beaten path, by showing them something that players sticking to the critical route won't ever see.

But not all Easter eggs are created equal, and in the case of some, they're still waiting to be fully unveiled.

These 10 video games secrets and Easter eggs have all been confirmed by someone involved with the game, and yet, to date players haven't discovered them or uncovered their full meaning.

Years or even decades later, they remain an agonising mystery for dedicated fans, either because the developers refuse to put players out of their misery, or the solution may have even been lost to time.

Whatever the reason, these Easter eggs have become mythic slivers of video game lore in their own right, and even if they do get solved one day, the reveal probably won't match the thrill of players spending years trying to crack the code...

10. The Live Sega Chant - Sonic Mania

Cyberpunk 2077 easter egg secret

Sonic Mania was first announced at Sega's 25th anniversary event for Sonic during San Diego Comic-Con, and during the show Sonic Team producer Takashi Iizuka even had the live crowd record a rendition of the iconic "Sega!" jingle to be included in the game as an Easter egg.

Iizuka had two takes from the crowd recorded for safety, and yet, more than six years removed from Sonic Mania's acclaimed release, the live Sega chant still hasn't been found.

While players might've expected to hear it in the game's opening screen or perhaps during the end credits, it's present in neither case.

Players have extensively trawled through Sonic Mania in an attempt to unlock the jingle and even datamined it to no avail, leaving fans wondering quite how to trigger it.

Others have speculated that the Easter egg may have been cut during development due to the sound quality being too poor, yet to date there's still no concrete word from anyone involved with the game on that.


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