10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Change Everything

5. The Statue Of Happiness Has A Beating Heart - Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV Statue
Rockstar Games

The Grand Theft Auto games are filled to the brim with hilarious Easter eggs for players to seek out, but there's one in GTA IV which, over a decade later, still has fans speculating on its precise meaning.

Liberty City contains a Statue of Liberty-aping monument named the Statue of Happiness, which wears a creepily forced "happy" smile while bearing a suspicious resemblance to Hillary Clinton.

But the real Easter egg occurs once you scale the statue yourself, by flying over it and leaping onto a balcony area (as it can't be entered from the ground).

You'll find a sign reading, "No hidden content this way," but if you walk through the nearby door and climb a ladder inside the statue, you'll be greeted by a surprise both fascinating and deeply creepy.

At the top of the ladder is a gigantic beating heart wrapped in chains, seeming to suggest that the Statue of Happiness is indeed alive. And no, it can't be killed no matter how many clips you pump into it.

Though it's technically just a goofy gag, if you consider it within the context of GTA's sprawling world, it's terrifying to consider that there's a gigantic living statue held prisoner in the middle of Liberty City.

How did it end up there? Why is it chained up? And what would happen if the chains to its heart were severed? Eerie.


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