10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Went Too Far

Better tell your grandchildren about this one.

Trials evolution

Even though the term "Easter egg" can reference a hidden feature in any entertainment medium, they're often associate with video games (and the Easter bunny).

Adventure usually gets the credit, but it was actually 1973's Moonlander that contained the first video game secret. (If you're wondering, it's that you can land by a McDonalds if you fly horizontally.)

50 years later, gamers still obsesses about uncovering secrets. Although it can be time-consuming and boring to mess around for hours, hoping for something to happen, it's worth it, when you unlock something special or stumble upon a well-kept secret.

It rocked your world the first time you met Yoshi in Super Mario 64, fought Reptile in Mortal Kombat, or pulled off the Konami Code in Gradius. Because cracking these enigmas brought us so much joy, you can understand why developers are eager to cram all sorts of hidden nuggets in their work.

But there are times where Easter eggs go too far.

Sometimes, the method to unlock a certain feature is so hair-tearingly difficult, you just shouldn't bother. When a game mocks you or its competitors, it comes across as mean-spirited, rather than funny.

If you are compelled to find every single Easter Egg, you might want to reconsider before checking out these ten games.

10. Cheese - Perfect Dark

Trials evolution

While navigating your way around Perfect Dark, you might notice a chunk of Swiss cheese hidden in an air vent, above a bookcase, or inside a toilet bowl. The first time you encounter this delicious dairy product, you probably didn't think much of it.

But when you stumble upon a cheese slice during another mission, you start to question its significance. Despite never being referenced in the game or the manual, players convinced themselves they would unlock something incredible if they located every piece of cheese.

However, saying this delectable fromage is well-hidden doesn't do it justice. Rather than being out in the open, the cheese pieces are in places that a regular player would never examine. What's worse is there are some cheeses, like the ones in Area 51 and Deep Sea, that are inaccessible. As such, you need to use the FarSight rifle's X-ray vision to find them.

So, what happens after you find all the cheeses? Absolutely nothing!

Why was the cheese put in Perfect Dark in the first place? Likely because the level editor thought it'd be funny. Unsurprisingly, players who dedicated months to this pointless sidequest didn't see the humorous side.


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