10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Went Too Far

9. Creepy Leon - Resident Evil 4

Trials evolution

Even though Resident Evil 4 was only meant to come out for the Gamecube, this decision was rescinded, when the studio realised the game was WAY too awesome to stay as an exclusive. Within a few years, RE4 was available on every system you could think of.

You can't blame Capcom for the change of plans. Resident Evil 4 isn't just great - it's perfect.

Well... almost perfect. You see, there's one issue stopping this sequel being a true masterpiece. After our hero, Leon Kennedy, explores the village church, he find the president's daughter, Ashley, who's being held hostage by the Los Illuminados cult. Ashley joins Leon on his adventure, forcing him to do all he can to safeguard her.

However, the developers inserted an Easter egg revolving around Ashley, that's downright creepy. If Leon faces Ashley and tilts the camera to look up her dress, she'll recoil in disgust, calling him a pervert.

Even though this is meant to be funny, it just makes our badass hero look like a total degenerate. What's more annoying is you can trigger this mechanic accidentally, since you must look up at Ashley in the sections where you catch her falling from above.


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