10 Video Game Endings That Left You Totally Speechless

The sound of silence.

Bioshock Infinite Ending.jpg
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Done right, a video game ending can stick with you for a long, long time.

Longer than that of a brilliant motion picture, even, for the simple reason that it was you - the player - who spend countless hours guiding a character through the sum of an epic story, developing and evolving alongside them, battling whatever demons said character was forced to face along the way, and generally feeling immersed for the entire ride.

It's a lot more personal, and as a result, video game endings have always had the power to beat players into a state of shock or bewilderment.

But it's the endings that leave you entirely speechless that really count for something. These kinds of endings are the ones in which players are forced to reconsider their actions across the length of the game; the endings with downright insane twists that put everything that came before into perspective; the endings that dared to be different, defy convention, or take an unexpected turn into territory unknown. The endings that you never forget.

Here, then, are 10 video game endings that left you speechless. For whatever reason, the following endings stunned you into silence, leaving you with absolutely nothing to say...


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