10 Video Game Enemies That Will Make You Sick

Shock and urgh.

Resident Evil 7 Eveline

There's some really sick things out there.

And then there's video games. Turns out, there's some really sick things in there too.

It can be flat-out, gross visceral body horror that makes us retch. From nasty, eight legged beasts or an enemy sporting hundreds of tiny holes that triggers certain phobias in us. It could be ancient spirit warriors trying to remove our very essence from a particularly uncomfortable spot that makes you squeamish. Or even massive, tick-like bosses that set you off, perhaps.

It may not even be the appearance but the actions of certain characters that make you uneasy. For one, the notion of date-raping someone and then stabbing the pregnant victim later down the line is definitely up there with the sickest of individuals.

For some it's motive, whilst others just that basic, primal instinct that causes us to feel a bit queasy. They may be born, or created, that way. Or maybe just the product of a sick and twisted director that pushed them too far.

Whatever the reasoning, the following examples on this list are just the grossest. So try not to get too down with the sickness and hold your constitution, as we look at ten of the worst offenders.

10. Silent Hill 3 - Split Worm

Resident Evil 7 Eveline

When it comes to all things comedy, there's usually no simpler delight than putting human teeth on things. Sharks, babies, dogs, you name it. It's generally worth a lowbrow chuckle or two.

Nightmare worms from horror dimensions though... not so much.

Specifically, nightmare worms that have a protective layer that splits open like a horrible banana to reveal a gross phallic worm head... with human-like teeth.

In the messed up logic of Silent Hill, there's probably some interpretation to be had there. In the real world though, it's a straightforward fleshy dick with a whole load of pearly whites that want to chow down on you.

Freud would have a field day with this one.

In boss fight terms, it's relatively easy: wait for that big ol' maw to open and fire away. No worse than the Split Head from the first game.

But in terms of sheer grossness (and to get this list rolling)? Yeah, it's pretty much an armoured dick with teeth whiter than your pants were before this thing opened up on you.


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