10 Video Game Failures (That Still Made Millions)

Sometimes, utter toss can still be a success.

Fallout 76
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We've seen some mammoth titles land in the last few decades with huge hits like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and the Pokemon series all selling by the tens of millions.

However, not all big selling games are massive hits in terms of playability and long-term focus for the player, and there's been a fair share of titles released which might have sold well, but ultimately fell flat as an actual piece of gaming quality.

Not every game which hits the shelves can go on to be a mega success. Be it the fact the game is simply a poorly made effort from developers, poor marketing, or the fact that certain consoles can't quite support some titles' potential.

Gamers nowadays long for the perfect gaming experience across whatever genre they might be interested in. Opinion will, of course, always be split and what one person loves, another player might simply detest.

There's little to detract gamers when it comes to parting with their cash though. If a game catches the eye or is marketed right, then there's usually a hoard of people willing to spend their hard earned money.

Despite raking in millions, there's a big selection of games out there which can be regarded as failures, starting with this shoddy sporting effort...

10. NBA 2K18

Fallout 76

Approx. Units Sold: 10 million.

While the 2k franchise has consistently delivered the best basketball experience around for fans of the game, 2018's effort had so much wrong with it.

A lack of longevity in certain modes ensured that boredom soon set in, while certain animations within the game caused serious frustration for online players.

The biggest problem in the game, however, was the complete lack of defence on offer due to the blow-by animation within the gameplay, which essentially meant you could sprint past defenders at will to get to the basket.

Still, the game moved in excess of 80m units worldwide as 2k strengthened its grip on the monopoly of the basketball gaming world ahead of EA's NBA Live series.

2k19 brought an improvement in many aspects of the series, although 2k20 has already got off to a poor start thanks to some bugs and glitches in the gameplay.

It's safe to say that 2k can't quite seem to get it consistently right when it comes to their basketball offerings.

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