10 Video Game Failures (That Still Made Millions)

10. NBA 2K18


Approx. Units Sold: 10 million.

While the 2k franchise has consistently delivered the best basketball experience around for fans of the game, 2018's effort had so much wrong with it.

A lack of longevity in certain modes ensured that boredom soon set in, while certain animations within the game caused serious frustration for online players.

The biggest problem in the game, however, was the complete lack of defence on offer due to the blow-by animation within the gameplay, which essentially meant you could sprint past defenders at will to get to the basket.

Still, the game moved in excess of 80m units worldwide as 2k strengthened its grip on the monopoly of the basketball gaming world ahead of EA's NBA Live series.

2k19 brought an improvement in many aspects of the series, although 2k20 has already got off to a poor start thanks to some bugs and glitches in the gameplay.

It's safe to say that 2k can't quite seem to get it consistently right when it comes to their basketball offerings.

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