10 Video Game Fates So Hilarious They Were Horrifying

No, your Honour - he wanted to be shot in the face.

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Games have been playing with death for kicks pretty much since the medium existed. From point-and-clicks mocking you for managing to die, to platformers having elaborate and hilarious death animations, it's long been established that dying in a video game can be funny.

Similarly, plenty of enemies you face die in suitably comedic ways - although this hopefully doesn't include you tea-bagging them, because they deserve to die with some dignity.

However, because so many video game deaths have been established as funny for so long, sometimes we don't recognise how messed up they are. Your fond habit of murdering Sims is hilarious at the time, but if you explained it to someone who had never played a video game before, they'd probably worry about you a whole dang lot.

Comedy is often a matter of perspective, and it means there are a whole lot of funny deaths that, when you think about them for too long, actually are maybe more disturbing than funny. But don't worry - they can probably be both at the same time, if you only put your mind to it.

10. Shoot Him! (In The Face!) - Borderlands 2

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As anyone who has so much as glimpsed a second of the trailers can confirm, Borderlands is a very silly franchise. It's also a great franchise, with a surprising amount of depth to it - but one that thrives on being wacky and outlandish at the same time.

The strange and sometimes stupid quests you get throughout the series also attests to this, with the most unforgettable being the case of Shooty McFace. Upon meeting this eccentric little guy, he gives you a mission: aptly titled "Shoot This Guy In The Face". He'll then stand, gesturing wildly, and begging you to shoot him in his mohawk-clad face.

Should you decide to try and be a practical jokester and shoot him anywhere else, he'll simply berate you, seemingly invulnerable to shots not on his bonce.

If you shoot him in the face, he will thank you, and then die. It's not exactly a long quest by any means, but ask anyone who completed Borderlands 2 about the game and they'll almost definitely mention it as one of their more memorable gaming experiences.


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