10 Video Game Fates Worse Than Death (Commenter's Edition)

Halo's Flood sucked even MORE in-world.

death stranding
Kojima Productions

Death is simply a part of life, and it's certainly part of most major video games, where the player is tasked with taking down hordes of anonymous enemies while avoiding the Grim Reaper's icy grasp themselves.

Given that death is generally accepted to be the end of, well, everything, it's typically viewed as the worst of the worst, right?

Except, that's far from the truth in the worlds of these video games, which imaginatively rustled up fates that would make even the hardiest individual beg for the sweet release of oblivion.

In these video games, characters - whether heroes or villains - were confined to fates which, in their prolonged cruelty, were excessive punishments for even the most offensive of creatures.

Whether transformed beyond their human form, forced to suffer eternally, or given the dubious "gift" of eternal life against their will (but with a price), these video game fates are only as creative as they are truly horrifying.

If given the option of being technically alive like this or offered the swift release of a quick mercy kill, it's really a no-brainer.


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10. Immortal... But Decapitated - Mortal Kombat 11

death stranding

Mortal Kombat 11's story mode kicks off with a prologue where Raiden tortures the evil Shinnok, who taunts Raiden that he even he isn't powerful enough to kill an Elder God.

Raiden responds by literally telling Shinnok, "There are fates worse than death," and promptly cutting his head clean off his shoulders.

This of course doesn't kill Shinnok, instead simply incapacitating him, as Raiden leaves him to live out an eternity as nothing more than a severed head - a living warning of his own wrath.

As if being robbed of your mobility and general agency isn't bad enough, you become an embodiment of what happens when anyone crosses the legendary thunder god - with no way to be put out of your misery, no less.


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