10 Video Game Features Literally No One Asked For

9. Customising Skyhold: Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of those rare RPGs that is at once remarkably in-depth, staggeringly beautiful and incredibly smooth to play.

Fans of the series were afforded new opportunities to explore the many realms of Thedas, with a cast of characters new and old that scratched just about any role-playing itch that it's possible to have.

Doing what Bioware does best, Inquisition had so many options on offer; a main quest that was suitably dramatic and apocalyptic, companions that deliver a little levity and comic relief (as well as others that add a little extra gravity, if that's your thing), and more options than ever for customising your player character, armour, weapons and mounts.

Amongst all of the incredibly diverse gameplay choices, there were a handful of features that simply weren't necessary.

The ability to "customise" Skyhold was the main offender, essentially giving your Inquisitor the option of which throne to sit in during cutscenes, what your bed looked like, and which wall hangings you'd like to see hanging around your fortress.

It's a nice idea, but it felt incredibly hollow, especially when considered alongside all of the other choices we had to make along the way.

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