10 Video Game Features Literally No One Asked For

10. Realistic Horse Testicles: Red Dead Redemption 2


Starting with what may be one of the most ridiculous video game features ever conceived, this one got a lot of media attention when it was first announced.

Equal parts unnecessary and childishly hilarious, Red Dead Redemption 2 took realism just a step too far with the private parts of its equine characters - the male ones, at least.

Some would argue that for the horses to have visible assets at all is somewhat of a pointless feature, but the big brains at Rockstar decided to up the ante another notch anyway, and make sure that the horses' testicles react to the changes in climate as you traverse Red Dead's harsh Western setting.

Red Dead Redemption 2 also offers you the ability to take on a first-person perspective, meaning that if you find yourself so inclined, you can crouch down behind your horse for a good look.

Check it out for yourself, but expect to feel a singular sense of private shame as you inspect the testicles of your in-game mount.

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