10 Video Game Features Players Used To Love (But Are Now Sick Of)

It's guaranteed you're sick of at least two of these.

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Video games are an ever evolving form of entertainment, notorious for introducing new things that amaze even the most seasoned players. But, as with everything, they're prone to the old saying "you can have too much of a good thing". When first introduced, new game features can be, well, game changers.

The first time an open-world was created way back in 1984. This was a small gem called Courageous Perseus, and it influenced one of the most significant open-world games in video game history: The Legend of Zelda. However, since then it has became an overused concept; with hundreds, if not thousands, of games following in its footsteps.

There are many features that have become stale over the years, frustrating players when implemented into games with no real rhyme or reason.

Sometimes it can feel like developers add them in to simply bring in a larger audience; flaunting all of the new features added to their game regardless of how well they work. So without further ado, here are a collection of video game features that people used to love, but are now sick of.

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