10 Video Game Features Players Used To Love (But Are Now Sick Of)

9. Weapon Durability

Just Cause 4 Open World

Speaking of things that add "challenge" to games and unnecessarily take players out of the action, it would be unfair to not mention weapon durability.

Having tools with durability can be a welcome feature in games like Minecraft; where materials are abundant, and it usually takes only a minute to gather and craft what's needed.

It adds an essence of realism, as there's only a number of times a pickaxe can be hit against metals and rocks before it starts to give way. But, it's a real life issue that doesn't need to follow players into every single game. Realism in gaming can be great, but it can also lead to less enjoyment.

Zelda: Breathe of the Wild caused some controversy with its seemingly paper mache weapons, dividing the player-base into people for or against this feature that was new to the series.

In games where fighting is a core mechanic, it can be frustrating to realise that in a few hits the weapon being used is going to break. Even more so when there's nowhere nearby to restock or acquire more.

Although this does make it so certain weapons aren't overused and massively favoured in every battle, due to having to conserve their uses, it also forces players to use weapons they don't like, and aren't necessarily good at using.

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