10 Video Game Final Bosses Who Refused To Die


Waltz Dying Light 2

Wouldn't be nice to have the kinds of talents and abilities that some video game enemies have? Especially your average final boss, some of whom can take no end of punishment from your supped-up late-game protagonist. Inhaling bullets and soaking up blows like it's nothing.

In order for a game's climatic finish to feel rewarding and challenging, many titles take the opportunity to create enemies that felt like they were impossible to put down. Every time you thought you were done, they'd stand back up and beckon for more.

This list is populated by the unkillable. Some enemies are narrative-driven and despite taking them out earlier in the story they refused to call it a day and go home, showing up multiple times. Others may be fought just the once but with multiple forms and/or more HP that you could dream of you'll wonder when it's ever going to end.

At one stage we've all looked at our dwindling health and supplies and demanded to the final boss: "hurry up and die!"

As we'll be talking about end bosses, it should be noted that that spoiler warning is in full effect.

10. Warden Eternal - Halo 5 Guardians

Waltz Dying Light 2
343 Industries

When 343 Industries took over the Halo series following the end of the original trilogy, they had to find ways to keep the series fresh. Introducing the Promethean enemies was a step in the right direction but it wasn’t one that was made without a few stumbles along the way.

In Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief’s former companion Cortana imbues herself with ancient Forerunner technology. She enlists the help of the Promethean army to do her bidding including a new ally: the Warden Eternal.

An appropriate name, considering just how often you have to fight the guy. The Warden is an AI who controls an endless supply of Forerunner battle suits.

Across the game’s campaign, players must combat Warden Eternal in five of the eight missions. To make matters worse, it’s not just that he constantly reappears but the fact that he’s not all that easy to put down. Especially on higher difficulty settings, campaigns can basically be tracked by these Warden appearances as they're the toughest points in the game bar none.

Most of the Promethean enforcer’s attacks can put you down in one or two hits. Also, the guy can be a real ammo sponge if you aren’t up to navigating around him to hit the weak point on the top of his back.

Oh, and if you thought one Warden was bad, try taking on two at once.


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