10 Video Game Final Bosses Who Refused To Die

9. Nyx Avatar - Persona 3

Waltz Dying Light 2

JRPGs are pretty renowned for ending in big, bombastic multi-form fights. The Persona series as a whole can be described as “average school children discover new abilities, 90 hours later fight God” and funnily enough the Gods in these games tend not to want to go down easily.

It’s a tradition for the climactic showdown of most RPGS to take place over several phases with your enemy morphing throughout the battle to offer variety. But do you really need 14 stages of variety? Persona 3’s battle against Nyx Avatar seems to think so.

Unlike other multi-phase fights, Nyx doesn’t really change the way it looks so much as it’s battle strategy, making its way through all of the game’s Arcanas and shifting stats and skill sets as it does. This adds up to over 25,000HP to cleave through which, as the battle rages on, Nyx can restore by charming the player’s party into healing them. Brutal.

One major slip-up, especially when closing in on the end, can be devastating; undoing every form you’ve beaten and probably an hour’s worth of playtime as you go back to phase one.

Perhaps one of the most visually striking bosses in the Persona series, Nyx Avatar lives up to the RPG promise of ending as grandiose as possible.


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