10 Video Game Finales That Left You Speechless

9. Journey

Mafia 2

It's a bit of a cliché, but to truly experience Journey you have to just play it.

Words can't do it justice, because by simply describing its vague but complex plot, beautiful music and involving gameplay wouldn't convey how impressive it is when all of these elements come together.

The climax of Journey is a textbook case of how to end your game on a rousing, emotional note, and it's entirely because of this rich interplay of elements. Without words or any of the cliches you'd expect from a regular dramatic video game scene, the final evocative push of the title serves to be more powerful than it ever could have been if the game had a script or conventional characters.

Ebbing and flowing between all-is-lost situations and grandiose, fist-pumping bursts of success, the final moments of Journey pack in more emotional beats than the rest of the game combined, making for one of the most unique and original final levels the industry has ever seen.


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